Cave di Dolomia

Zandobbio | Itinerari e percorsi

Searching for precious marbles in the City of Stone

Quarrying for Dolomia has always taken place in the heart of the Val Cavallina. Dolomia is a one-off natural material of its type and ‘Stone City’ is a unique, quasi-citadel of stone. There is a spectacular open-air route one can take to view the prized natural stone, an important component of the area’s patrimony of art and artisanal work.


Three thousand square metres, unique in all the world, a place where one finds a natural stone that has been quarried since Roman times: this is Stone City, a park on permanent display, which demonstrates the uses for and environment created by Marmo di Zandobbio (Zandobbio marble).

White and pink in colour, Marmo di Zandobbio is also called Dolomia and is at the core of an old family-run industry started in 1929 by the Sottocornola Family. Over the course of the near century during which it has been extracted from the ground, the stone has become prized for its ornamental worth and aesthetic value. It was widely used for the decoration of both sacred spaces and historic palaces and has been used for this purpose from at least as far back as the 13th century.

From churches, to the historic city centre of Città Alta (the High City) in Bergamo, to the Victory Monument in Bolzano, to the offices of the United Nations in Geneva, to the Capitolio in Havana, Cuba, Marmo di Zandobbio is among the ornamental stones that have adorned history: from the little Val Cavallina to the rest of the world.