The Acqua Sparsa Watermill

A family treasure hidden amongst the spring waters

In the last century there were numerous watermills in the area between the river Cherio and the hills of San Fermo, which were full of streams. Today they have all disappeared except for one, the little Watermill of Acqua Sparsa (Molino dell’Acqua Sparsa), which belonged to the Agazzi family for generations and which can be visited today, right in the heart of the Val Cavallina.


Not far from the great quarry of Grone, a tiny hamlet grew up around this watermill whose wooden structure dating from the Thirties is still preserved today. The mill is also still active today, thanks to the fact that it is powered by both electricity and water.

The origin of the name:
The water mill takes its name from the Acqua Sparsa mountain springs: water reaches the water wheel of the mill by means of little canals carved into the rock, and is not at all ‘sparse’.

Around the mill:
The Acqua Sparsa watermill is located in a veritable oasis of tranquillity, immersed in greenery and timeless, begging the question what would life have been like in a little hamlet in the hills such as this. The mill can be visited today, but only by small groups of people.

In the nearby village of Grone, those who like hiking can take path number 614 and trek through the environs, taking in chestnut woods, panoramic vistas that open up unexpectedly and the little church of San Fermo on the way.


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