The Church of San Cassiano

Trescore Balneario | Luoghi religiosi

Talk a stroll to a place where time has stood still

Today all that remains of this very ancient cultish place are a few intriguing remnants. Constructed at the crossroads of the Roman road that ran between the Valle dei Camuni and Brescia and Bergamo, the church of San Cassiano is a stop not to be missed for all aficionadoes of the appeal of the history contained within ancient ruins.


The householders of the Contrada (quarter) of the Torre di Trescore all used to live in the ‘Vicinia’ of San Cassiano, a mediaeval term that defined the neighbourhood community, which in this case had taken its name from the same saint to whom the ancient church here situated was dedicated.

According to historical documents from the 16th century, the church was already in ruins at this point in time, but its strong fascination remains intact. If you make the journey to visit this sacred architecture, which is located right in the middle of the countryside, you can view the frescoes still visible on its interior.

From the macabre subject matter of these frescoes, we infer that there was an ancient burial place near the church, where victims of the plague and other epidemics were brought over the centuries.



  • Via San Cassiano, Trescore Balneario