The Parish Church of Saint George

Zandobbio | Luoghi religiosi

The Romanesque and the Byzantine in stone quarry country

A finely carved altar, choir and pulpit are among the showpieces of this church, which dates from the 1500’s and was completely restored in 1709, as we can see from a date on the lintel at the entrance. It was dedicated to Saint George in 1734. A marble façade presides over an interior of precious plasterwork, together with a masterpiece by one of the most important Bergamasque painters of the 17th century. 


Leaving behind the splendid façade of Zandobbio Dolomia stone and entering the parish church, one is confronted by an interior embellished with gold and precious marbles, in addition to which is La Trinità (The Trinity), a painting by Gian Paolo Cavagna, a key figure on the cultural scene from the late 1500’s to early 1600’s, whose paintings were much influenced by Tintoretto and Moroni.

Amongst the works of art contained in this church are also two works by the Bergamasque artist Francesco Zucco: a pair of saints identified as probably San Lorenzo and San Giorgio, and the Madonna of the Rosary, which is today located in the sacristy. Another notable work of art is painted on the cupola: this is The Transfiguration by the Swiss artist Vincenzo Angelo Orelli.

Not to be missed is the tabernacle by the Fantoni, situated on the main altar of San Giorgio. For many years there was also a celebrated confessional here, made by this famous Bergamasque family of engravers and sculptors. It was commissioned by a canon of the church, Gian Pietro Mazza, and later transferred to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo, where it can still be seen today.


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