The Parish Church of Saint Victor Martyr

Gaverina Terme | Luoghi religiosi

In the footsteps of Moroni, a masterpiece of a church, with its frescoes and carved choir

Leading figure absolute of the parish church of Gaverina is the great Bergamasque portraitist Moroni, celebrated all over the world and known for his naturalistic painting, who painted the portrait of the Virgin being paid homage to by the Warrior Saint to whom the church is dedicated. Saint Victor Martyr is depicted in armour and with a red cloak, and next to him stands San Fidenzio, almost appearing to emerge from the altarpiece. This is a place to lose yourself totally in the baroque atmosphere, with its statues, friezes and frescoes.


The altarpiece dedicated to the Virgin and Saints Victor and Fidenzio is in itself sufficient reason to make a stop at this small thermal spa town, full of history, nature and culture. However the church, built in 1488, also contains works attributed to the Genoese painter Stefano Lambro. These are the Virgin of the Rosary and the Eternal Father with Saints.

As in many other churches in the province of Bergamo, one also finds important works by another of the great local creators of religious art here, the Fantoni Family. This was a dynasty of carvers and sculptors who made for the church of Saint Victor Martyr the wooden tribune that encircles the highly prized altar with its intarsia of marble, and also the wooden statue dedicated to Saint Anthony, which originally came from the church of San Rocco.

These works of art are enhanced by the baroque style of the church, which was later frescoed by Luigi Morgari, a native of Turin. He was active in the north-east of Italy between the late 19th century and early 20th century, and his work completely dominates the walls of the church.


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