The Parish Church of San Lorenzo and its Ancillary Sanctuary

Casazza | Luoghi religiosi

A rococo-style, marble altar, precious objects in silver and sacred works of art

San Lorenzo was the parish church that once upon a time served all three of the distinct districts of current-day Casazza: Mologno, Molini and Colognola. Dedicated to the martyred saint, the original country parish church on this site was among the most ancient of the entire Val Cavallina and once comprised a baptistery too.


Historians believe the original church may have dated as far back as 800 A.D.  The original church no longer exists and what remains is the truncated half of its 14th century incarnation. It is used as a subsidiary to the baroque church built next door, both dedicated to San Lorenzo. The main church one admires today greets its visitors with an imposing façade of Zandobbio marble, divided into two orders.

The inside of the later church is embellished with precious stones and intarsia, together with a silver cross and a censer, both embossed, and rococo-style altars. There is also a painted altarpiece depicting the martyrdom of San Lorenzo, painted by Mauro Picenardi, an artist from Crema who was active throughout Lombardy in the 18th century and whose style recalls that of Tiepolo.

Don’t miss the 17thcentury painting on canvas of Saints Anthony Abbot, Roch and Sebastian, by Domenico Carpinoni, an artist from Clusone who trained in Venice under Palma Il Giovane.



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