The Thermal Baths of Trescore

Trescore Balneario | Itinerari e percorsi

Celebrated regenerating thermal spa, beloved by heroes and condottieri alike

Even Garibaldi had his aches and pains, and he too came to the Val Cavallina to take a cure for them. The ‘Hero of the Two Worlds’ was one of the most famous guests of the thermal baths of Trescore, whose sulphurous waters have been celebrated for centuries for their curative properties. Like Garibaldi, but several centuries before him, the great condottiere (mercenary commander) for the Venetian Republic Bartolomeo Colleoni was also impressed by this natural phenomenon and undertook a restructuring of the ancient spa resort that had been of note since the Gallic era. Located not far from Lake Iseo and surrounded by gently rolling, vine-covered hills, the thermal baths of Trescore are still perfect today for a relaxing break or to get yourself back on your feet again – even if you aren’t a condottiere and only have your weekly stress and seasonal ailments to contend with.


Who would have thought that Garibaldi suffered from arthritis? In the 19th century, the sulphurous waters of the Val Cavallina were amongst the most prestigious in the country and attracted people from all over Italy, not just Garibaldi, but foreigners too, who came here for a regenerating break.

In the 15th century the condottiere Bartolomeo Colleoni decided he would like to restructure the thermal centre. He had white marble columns and vaults of brick and tufa built for it. Today one can still find a mysterious face carved into one of the capitals – it is that of his daughter Medea, who died aged 14 of a pulmonary illness. Laying aside his condottiere’s armour, it was here at the thermal spa resort of Trescore that her father chose to have his daughter remembered.

Thermal baths, hydro-massage, total health check-ups, massage and entire thermal cure courses are some of the services offered at Trescore. There are also rehabilitation and nutrition courses, treatments of the pathology of respiratory pathways, thermal aesthetic medical procedures, together with numerous packages, cures and possible combinations of the above for your wellbeing.

Natural health for juniors is also an option at Trescore: the baths are an excellent ally for mothers and fathers who prefer to use fewer antibiotics and medicines in the treatment of their little ones whenever possible. Indeed, according to the Fondazione per la Ricerca Scientifica Termale (Foundation for the Scientific Research of Thermal Treatments), thermal treatments reduce the risk of relapse in disturbances of the respiratory tract and ear infections.

Today, along with the modern structure of the thermal complex, there is a comfortable hotel set in the midst of greenery and also a hostel that is totally ‘green’, housed in a 19th century hotel which has a marvellous, panoramic position. Had he decided to stay on a bit longer here and carry on being pampered in comfort on the terrace, who knows if Garibaldi would ever have gone on to found Italy?