The Valley of Mountain Springs and Bio-Park

Gaverina Terme | Itinerari e percorsi

Set your compass to follow a path through country traditions, taking in the flavours of the past and delving into the collective memory of country folk

A network of two kilometres of paths winds through the thirteen hectares of the oasis of Gaverina Terme, a place where one can reconnect with nature by discovering the terrain of the Val Cavallina, its biodiversity, culture and agriculture. Follow the paths immersed in greenery and you will come across occasional farmhouses, old roccoli (towers with nets nearby, designed for catching birds), educational panels and designated spaces for outdoor activities, as well as having the opportunity for in-depth study of the local history and culture. And if all the trekking wets your appetite, the Bio-Park of the Val Cavallina also offers opportunities for food and wine breaks.


At the heart of this green valley is the old hamlet of Trate, where apart from tasting products from the region, one can also learn about local history and culture, from the theoretical to the practical. There is educational information about the creation of the ‘Cà del Valù’, animal stalls where one can see horses, goats, donkeys, cows and sheep and learn about their role in the life of the local community, in domestic economy, farming and food production.

From Borgo Antico one can go adventuring along the Sentieri della Memoria (Paths of Memory), a network of routes crossing the entire valley, which are survivors of an abandoned rural life and today an opportunity to see dells, granaries, hay lofts and small villages that one can stay the night in, immersed in nature.

From the animal and vegetable world, the routes also take us past hothouse plants and kitchen gardens, where the old traditions are being preserved and with them the collective memory of the country folk of the Val Cavallina, an experience that carries on to the table and the shops of the Bio-Park.

Among the woods and fields of the Valley of Mountain Springs you can also take part in “the sport of the woods” (“lo sport dei boschi”): armed with compass and map you can go orienteering and try to complete laps in as short a time as possible in this verdant spot with its little streams and glades. Losing yourself here is a pleasure and finding the road again a game.


The Associazione Bioparco della ValCavallina is responsible for promoting this nature park.