Comune di Berzo San Fermo

A town on a naturally-formed terrace with a panoramic view over the Val Cavallina

At the start of the plateau on which we find ourselves, you can see the parish church of Saints Fermo and Rustico. The old town centre of Berzo San Fermo boasts two great ancient mediaeval towers and sits above and slightly detached from the church. It is clearly distinct from the Canton district above, which abounds with interesting, rustic buildings, a beautiful 17th century palace, the Palazzo Terzi, and the church of San Giovanni Battista.
If you continue along the northerly side of the little plateau, you will come across the church of Santo Stefano. The first written evidence of this church dates from the beginning of the 14th century, in a list of churches and their representatives, called to an assembly of the Bergamasque synod in 1304. Worthy of note on the inside of the church is a fresco painted on the apse behind the altar, datable to between the 17th and 18th centuries, depicting the Proto-martyr Stephen on the point of being stoned to death.
The parish church is dedicated to Saints Fermo and Rustico, and is located on the site where according to tradition, their relics came to rest and on which a chapel was erected. A new church was built on the same site in 1314. Inside there are precious works by Gian Paolo Cavagna, Gianbettino Cignaroli, Francesco Lorenzi and Federico Ferrario. The beautiful sacristy is the work of the Fantoni School. The surrounding territory is of an agricultural nature and there is farming of both animals and land, together with production of typical local farm produce of the region.

Up to date maps of the area are available at the local town hall and, armed with these, it is possible to get to know the terrain and hills that make up the crown of the Berzo plateau, completing your visit to the area with a hike along the open trails.

Municipality of Berzo San Fermo
Area: 5.79 square kilometres
Inhabitants: 1,370
Altitude: 365 metres above sea level