Comune di Casazza

From the parish church to the Roman village and the cultural roots of the valley

Here we are in the northern part of the Val Cavallina and the town is located on the other side of the river Cherio. The discovery of Roman tombs in the 19th century suggested the existence of a vicus, or Roman settlement, along what was an important road linking with the Val Camonica. Following the discovery of the archaeological site of Cavellas, the existence of the Roman vicus was confirmed. The archaeological site was recently made into a museum, giving us an exceptional opportunity to visit what was once one of the most extensive, rural, Roman settlements in the region. Records dating from the 19th century attest to the existence of the settlement of Cavellas, which had jurisdiction over the entire Val Cavallina. The name Mologno designated an inhabited nucleus that arose in a hilly region nearby around the year 1,000 A.D and from which the current town developed. The name Casazza appeared only in 1927, after the unification of the districts of Mologno and Molini di Colognola, another hamlet located today on the hills of the other side of the valley. Among the numerous buildings worth mentioning are Palazzo Bettoni, which is recorded as having hosted Guiseppe Garibaldi. The palazzo is the seat of the Museum of the Environmental History of the Val Cavallina, which has as its aim collecting, cataloguing and study of the history, environment and inhabitants of the area, with special emphasis on conservation and scientific research on materials of the various genres that make up the local tradition.

Also of interest:
Among the significant features of Casazza worthy of mention is the music school, I Piccoli Musici, whose distinguished polyphonic choir for young voices has achieved fame at both national and international levels, thanks to high standards and frequent participation in choral competitions, and regularly achieves placings in the top positions. The choir is a cultural ambassador for Europe within the Federation of Choirs of the Union (Federazione dei Cori dell’Unione).
Casazza has numerous clubs and associations that promote and add to the quality of life in the area with their annual fixtures, including cultural and sporting events, fêtes and religious festivals.

Municipality of Casazza
Area: 7.06 square kilometres
Inhabitants: 4,061
Altitude: 349 metres above sea level


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