Comune di Cenate Sopra

A breath of fresh air in a protected, green environment

Today’s community of Cenate Sopra came about at the will of Cardinal Carlo Borromeo, who founded the parish church of San Leone Magno here on the site of an ancient settlement called San Leone.

On descending from an area called “Perola”, one arrives in the town after a series of great hairpin bends and there in front of you opens up a straight stretch of road. At the woods’ end the great attraction of this little corner of paradise reveals itself: the lush green of Monte Misma invites you to stop and take in lung-fulls of fresh air. Hidden among the trees is the natural oasis of Valpredina, a nature park preserving an area of great environmental value, whereas towards the summit there is the church of Santa Maria in Misma, which is of great historic and artistic importance.

However, what really renders this part of the Val Cavallina unique is the generosity of its inhabitants, who are ready to lend a hand at the drop of a hat, as embodied in our noble Alpini, members of the Italian Alpine troops.

Municipality of Cenate Sopra
Area: 6.93 square kilometres
Inhabitants: 2,549
Altitude: 330 metres above sea level


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