Comune di Endine Gaiano

The largest town on the banks of the lake, also home to a second small, natural lake

This is the first town along the axis of the SS42 road that takes you from Lovere to Bergamo, from mountains and valleys and on into the Val Cavallina. This is a splendidly scenic route dominated by Lake Endine, a body of water beloved by fishermen and tourists alike, and who come here from far and wide.
Lake Endine is located in an enchanting area of unspoiled nature that has been well looked after over the years, due largely to its status as a park dedicated to the protection of the rich flora and fauna it contains. The lake is thus an oasis for the inhabitants of Endine and the many tourists that come here to spend the day lying on its banks in the sun, for the good fishing and the various sports available, including windsurfing, canoeing and sculling.
Apart from Lake Endine, there is also Lake Gaiano, the smallest lake in Lombardy. Near Lake Gaiano is the Valle del Freddo (Valley of Cold) or Valle del Diavolo (Devil’s Valley), a nature park you can visit that is unique of its type because the plants that grow here are usually only found at high altitudes (for example edelweiss, or stella alpina (alpine star), despite being located at an altitude of only 360 metres above sea level.
The town of Endine Gaiano is also of interest to visitors due to its patrimony of art, in particular its religious buildings. Among the most appealing is the church of San Giorgio, the patron saint of Endine. This church had already become a point of reference for its citizens by the 13th century and has been subject to continued embellishment and numerous restorations over the course of the centuries. On the inside of the parish church of San Giorgio there are some wonderful works of art, such as the “Madonna with Child in Glory, accompanied by Saints Rocco, Remigio and Sebastiano” by Domenico Carpinoni, and the “Madonna of the Rosary” painted by Gian Paolo Cavagna.

Municipality of Endine Gaiano
Area: 20.88 square kilometres
Inhabitants: 3,542
Altitude: 382 metres above sea level


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