Comune di Entratico

The magical atmosphere of the cave with a thousand-year old history

According to some historians the name of this town is derived from the ancient name “Lantradico” or “village of the cavern”, but according to other interpretations it could be from the Latin Intraticum, meaning to enter, referring to the position of the town, which is located at the entrance to the valley.
The town is known for a curiosity of nature: the Buca del Corno. This is an atmospheric cave, about 400 metres long, which has been mentioned or described in over 74 publications. Archaeological excavations have revealed burial remains dating from the Bronze Age (3rd millenium before Christ). Well-equipped with facilities for visitors, the cave is an interesting and very popular destination, a background against which water erosion has created almost architectural effects.

Also in the town are: the Vicolo Castello (Bus Castel), a mediaeval hamlet with remains of a small castle; the parish church of San Martino Vescovo, built on the site of a previous church in the 16th century; and the sanctuary of the Annunciata, dating from 1535.


There follows a short video in English, made by a group of students (Daniele Mastrosimone, Simone Carminati, Francesco Crippa and Luca Brambilla) on the potential for eco-tourism in the Val Cavallina – in this case in Entratico. We thank them greatly for their efforts in promoting the valley.


Municipality of Entratico
Area: 4.12 square kilometres
Inhabitants: 1,963
Altitude: 299 metres above sea level