Comune di Gaverina Terme

Set amongst abundant greenery and mountain streams, lies hidden the traditional, old village of Gaverina Terme

They say that in times long past, in the Posanguei area, there was a silk mill and a lime quarry, places of industry that were buried along with the town by a landslide that came down Mount Cornalera. There used to be another hamlet in the Carbonale area, however, and the two villages were rivals. With the passing of time, two separate municipal districts were established a few hundred metres apart from each other, that of Piano and that of Gaverina.
It was only under the dominion of the Venetian Republic that the two municipalities were united, at first under the name of Gaverina with Piano, then just Gaverina. Today the town is called Gaverina Terme (Gaverina Spa).

The geographic configuration of this town is rather singular: today it is composed of four disparate contrade (districts) within the Gaverina basin, which is situated between the slopes of Colle Gallo and Mount Altinello. Coming from the direction of Casazza, one arrives first at the hamlet of Fonti, where there are mountain springs surrounded by lush greenery. Indeed, the bicarbonate-alkaline-sulphurous waters here have been put to good use over the years in thermal spas and there is also a bottling plant.
A bit further up, there is Trate, another traditional, old village containing a small baroque church dedicated to the Vergine Addolorata and in which there are two 18th century paintings of note. The central altarpiece is attributed to Giovanni Carobbio.
Climbing up from the main square of Terme one reaches the districts of Gaverina and Piano. The little centre of Gaverina is dominated by the church of San Rocco, which dates from the 17th Century and is situated on a rocky spur where once there was a mediaeval castle belonging to the Princes Giovanelli.
On a plateau towards Colle Gallo at Piano, the tower of the Suardi family is still visible. When noble families ruled the land this tower was known as Facoc.

Municipality of Gaverina Terme
Area: 5.18 square kilometres
Inhabitants: 914
Altitude: 509 metres above sea level


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