Comune di Monasterolo del Castello

Amid the lush greenery surrounding the lake, there is a very well-preserved castle and other spots known for their beautiful scenery

Nestled on the banks of Lake Endine, Monasterolo is one of the most visited and pretty villages of the valley, offering places to fish, swim, sail, canoe or just come for a day-trip – all within a pleasant lake setting – a little jewel surrounded by mountains. It is a relaxing and diverting place, both for those that live there and those that come on holiday, offering rest, tranquillity, lovely surroundings and plenty to do. The natural lake environment is uncontaminated and unspoiled and this has a lot to do with the fact that motorboats are banned.
The Val Cavallina is famous for its spring waters, which are rich in mineral properties, and the Monasterolo area is no exception, dotted as it is with various mountain streams. The principal ones are in the Pom area (Legner zone): the Gemma spring contains minerals including sulphur, bicarbonates, calcium and magnesium; the Smeralda and Ferrobatteri springs contain medio-mineral waters, with bicarbonates, alkalines and hydrothermal mud; and the Adamantina spring furnishes us with waters that are less mineral, but richer in hydrogen sulphide.

There are three sites of historic and artistic importance:
The Castle, which is mediaeval in origin and whose garden is considered one of the most beautiful in northern Italy.
The Church of San Salvatore, which contains beautiful, baroque works of art.
The Stations of the Cross in the parvis or churchyard, which has precious mosaics designed by Trento Longaretti.
The name of the town recalls the traces of an ancient monastery, remnants of which were still visible up until the 17th century in the area of the current church. One can gain access to the singular and atmospheric “closed” parvis or churchyard through a doorway surmounted by a mosaic depicting the Entry of Christ into Jerusalem. Fourteen little saints with the Stations of the Cross follow one another down towards the church.
Concluding your visit, there is a second doorway through which you can leave the churchyard and head towards the lake.

Municipality of Monasterolo del Castello
Area: 8.48 square kilometres
Inhabitants: 1,164
Altitude: 365 metres above sea level


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