Comune di Trescore Balneario

The largest municipality in the valley: from the Lorenzo Lotto frescoes in the Suardi Oratorio to the thermal spa, passing by some aristocratic villas along the way

Here at Trescore there is an embarrassment of choice for all things cultural, art-related and landscape-related:
Towards the north and the hilly region of the Canton district, there is the splendid Villa Terzi, a complete example of 18th century architecture with great compositional unity. To the south, there is the Villa Celati Mosconi, which has neo-classical origins (dating from 1836) and the Thermal Spa (dating from Roman times), both surrounded by the greenery of a beautiful park. To the east there are the famous “Suardi Farms”, which contain the Lorenzo Lotto frescoes, extremely precious showpieces from 16th century in Italy.
In the centre of town you can see the monument to Hygeia, goddess of health, in Piazza Cavour, next to an authentic mediaeval tower.

Municipality of Trescore Balneario
Area: 13.31 square kilometres
Inhabitants: 9,968
Altitude: 271 metres above sea level